Our Membership

EMERGE, the Adams-Tynan Clinical Foundation (ATCF) is a charitable, nonprofit public benefit corporation of health care professionals and workers. We are dedicated to the practice and study of psychotherapy, substance abuse treatment, and complementary healing paths in the holistic human science, somatic, environmental, transpersonal, and humanistic traditions. ATCF seeks to provide continuing education, opportunities for professional advancement, post-graduate training, mental and behavioral health care, and community clinics for low-income care.

Foundation Co-Founders:

Luke Adams (415) HUG-ZEST [415-484-9378] Luke@AdamsTynan.org

Chad Tynan (510)342-3038   Chad@ChadTynan.com

Board of Directors

  • Brandon Mensing, IT Product Management                          President
  • Frank Strona, PhD (cand), Social Health Advocate              Secretary
  • Lee Hewitt, LCSW                                                                        Treasurer  
  • Rev. F. Luke Adams, Jr., LMFT                                                Co-founder, ex-officio
  • Chad Tynan, Associate MFT                                                      Co-founder, ex-officio