About Emerge

, the Adams-Tynan Clinical Foundation (ATCF) is a nonprofit therapeutic organization founded by Luke Adams and Chad Tynan and led by trained, intuitive, Somatic, Environmental, and Transpersonal healers. We believe in practicing both good science and great art. People come to work with us when they want to sort out their hearts and heads and when they want help removing obstacles to their achievement of their own human potentials. We believe in a humane approach to well-being and recovery for the entire person who lives in an interconnected world.


Part of our target client population are individuals who are considered “marginalized.” What that means is that, often, these persons cannot afford to pay privately (or do not have adequate medical insurance) for this expert level of counseling, treatment, education and consulting (which even medical insurance often does not cover). Among these are persons who are struggling with maintaining adequate housing, people who have difficulty functioning in “consensus” society, persons engaged in marginal sex work (or who may be working under oppressive sex work conditions), and persons facing other economic, cultural, and social conditions which hamper their ability to access excellent care. Additionally, persons who may well have the capacity to pay may be considered marginalized by virtue of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, familial or relationship structures, or sexualities that are outside of the “mainstream.”

Holistic treatment focuses on the whole person while supporting the person to live with balance and health. Helping to redefine a person’s priorities and life parameters, incorporating a holistic approach in treatment, allows individuals to create their own customized plans with professionals and experts in many fields. By providing clients with a combination of traditional and cutting-edge treatment therapies, we exponentially increase their chances of maintaining and sustaining recovery, giving them the tools to live healthy and fulfilling lives on all levels.

We work to offer or refer to a broad range of tools and consultations for the healing of mind, body, and spirit—including psychotherapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and herbology, reiki and other energy therapies, and hypnosis, as well as referral to other psychotherapeutic specialists, yoga, spiritual direction, physical fitness and massage, art and music, chiropractic, osteopathic, allopathic, and psychiatric medical practitioners. We also believe in helping to build and heal community. We additionally seek to offer some continuing education and intern supervision.FullSizeRender[2]_1

We operate first from the standpoint of the most up-to-date scientific systems models and physics research: Fourth Order Cybernetics. That means that, in healing, we take a holistic and spiritualist—rather than materialist—view of mind and body, and we pay attention to what happens when a system redefines itself within its larger, co-defining context. We honor a broad diversity of gender, sexual, and relationship expressions. We specialize in relationships, mood issues, substance use issues, sexual issues, spiritual direction, life coaching, recovery coaching, and wellness.

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San Francisco, CA 94114