Your Privacy Matters

If you have been thinking of starting therapy but have been reluctant because you did not want to disclose:FullSizeRender[4]

  • your kink or fetish interests
  • your issues about gender
  • your possible asexuality
  • your attractions to members of the opposite sex, members of the same sex, or to particular gender expressions or identities,
  • problems you may be having with mind-altering substances
  • problems you may be having in family dynamics
  • life-threatening illnesses or disabilities
  • dissent on matters of spirituality or religion

Give us a call.  We can work with you on the issues you identify, without moralizing about any of your challenges, and without being judgmental about your sexual orientation and preferences, your identity, your gender expression, whether you join monogamous, open, or polyamorous relationships, or your style of life.