The Co-founders of Emerge™

The Co-founders of Emerge™

Luke Adams and Chad Tynan: Dynamic healers for dynamic people.

DSC_0758Luke Adams and Chad Tynan provide a professional, close-working, human-scale, therapeutic environment for healing and growth. Clients range from well-known performers and artists to café managers and union carpenters, from high-powered executives to people struggling with medical disabilities, and to many in-between. With over three decades of experience ranging from public policy and community service to spiritual counselling and psychotherapy, Luke serves a broad array of exceptional human beings. With high academic honors in the field, Chad has demonstrated his exceptional clinical understanding.

Both Chad and Luke have training in many different psychological theories, but they share an overarching approach to psychotherapy that focuses on the relationship between therapist and client. Decades of clinical research indicates that this relationship is the single most important factor in psychotherapy. It provides a foundation for clients to experiment with new ways of relating to others and themselves, to consider alternative perspectives, or simply space to be themselves.

Are you anxious, depressed, stuck, overwhelmed, confused, or afraid? If you or a loved one is suffering, please call or email Luke or Chad as soon as possible. You may feel hopeless, ashamed, fearful, or alone. Now can be your time for a change, with compassionate care and help. Clients sometimes reach out to Luke or Chad describing themselves and their concerns as “impossible,” “too big,” “too confusing,” or “shameful,” and “broken.” Luke or Chad will work to discover what tools, insights, and strengths will help to create the change you want. They will work with you in a sensitive, warm, and open way to assist you in getting what you want from your life. The work that Luke or Chad will do with you will be based on useful technique, care, trust, and hope.

Clients can expect to receive superb professional help to uncover, address and heal from the symptoms or underlying causes of the issues that distress them, overwhelm them, or leave them searching. Your working therapist will design an individualized treatment program tailored to the client’s unique set of circumstances and goals. Luke’s and Chad’s clients can count on each of them for the highest legal and ethical degrees of privacy.