Comprehensive Mind-Body Remission and Relapse Prevention Treatment Program

Comprehensive Mind-Body Remission and Relapse Prevention Treatment Program


  1. Purpose:

To improve the collection and utilization of multidisciplinary tools to achieve and retain remission from addiction, to provide healthy coping strategies for distress and seeking safety, to enhance the proper function of the immune system, to bring adjunct treatment to current illness, to correct the root of the illness, to improve physical/mental health, and to improve brain function.

2. Who should join it?


This treatment program combining individual and group psychotherapy with Traditional Eastern Medicine is good for any age group for people who are in early recovery from substance use disorders or who are recommitting to a comprehensive approach to sobriety, and encourages participants to live healthy sober lives that are happy, joyous, and free. 

3. Treatment 

Intensive individual therapy for 42 sessions over the course of a year. Once a week process group for six weeks. Two weeks of twice a week detox ear acupuncture, with counseling on herbs as needed. For one year, monthly body acupuncture, moxibustion, counseling on herbs as needed, Qi gong, magnet therapy, self-care therapy, and nutrition management counseling. 


  1. Package Cost


Total fee for the year: $9000


Paid monthly: $750/month + interest.


May be paid from your health savings account.